As I write in a number of genres and under other names, I thought it was time I had a website. So here it is.

I’ve had something approaching seventy books published by the likes of Boldwood, Penguin, Orion, Virgin, Canelo and Head of Zeus, plus foreign translations. A number have appeared in the top thirty best selling paperbacks also as ebooks.

My historical WW2 books (as LIZZIE LANE) are set mostly in Bristol. My cosy crime Honey Driver series (Jean G Goodhind) is set in Bath. There are others set in the Far East and West Indies as Erica Brown. Far East again as Jean Moran.

I also won a BBC New Writers’ Award and for a time had a weekend column with the Western Daily Press.

I think pink hair suits marks me out as a creative novelist so am sticking to it.

History & Research

Wartime fashion and beauty

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A lot of people ask me about research. Bear in mind that I grew up in the aftermath of WW2 so do have memories of bombsites, poor quality food, grey bread and make do and mend long after the war was over. There were shortages on the home front and …

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Latest News & Events

Hawkesbury Upton – War Event

Posted on 20th October, 2022

Saturday 29th of October, from 2 until 5. Hawkesbury Upton Literary Festival. The Bethesda Chapel is in Park Street, Hawkesbury Upton, GL9 1BA A number of other writers will be …

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Topic for this week. Wartime Weddings

Posted on 11th July, 2022

WEDDINGS IN THE 1940S’World War Two is rife with romance amid the suffering it brought about and the pain of separation and loss.Those women who stayed at home prepared themselves …

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D-Day update

Posted on 6th June, 2022

I’m writing this on the 6th of June. D Day so very apt for an author who writes a lot of books set in WW2. The fifth book of The …

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