All About Me

I’m a born and bred Bristolian though have lost some of the accent. I now live in West Wiltshire with my partner, a wonderful garden and a lately acquired allotment. Exciting. Yes?

In the past I’ve bred dogs, kept horses, painted and made models from clay. (Nightly visit from the badger has smashed one).

I have worked in jobs I’ve hated purely to keep a roof over my family’s head and a meal on the table. Then I discovered writing. I was encouraged by an American writer friend and when a time came there were no jobs and no other option, I took the plunge.

Up until six years ago my home (and that of my late husband) was a 46ft sailing yacht named Sarabande Serene. We left the UK, sailed south until the butter melted and turned left at Cape St Vincent and into the Mediterranean. So besides being a successful author I can read navigation charts and react swiftly in a storm.  I’m now landlocked in a town close to the city of Bath.