Through love, good times and hard times, Blanche has survived and adjusted to her new life. But as the prospect of being with Tom Strong forever seems possible she’s visited by the others of her family, the ones descended from slaves and now free to go where they will. There’s happiness but also pain and the prospect that she might not be with Captain Tom for as long as they would have wished. And then after all these years there’s the prospect of returning to Barbados not because she’s forced to but because she has to. Can a little happiness with Tom be snatched from tragedy on the sunlit island? It may be that she has no choice.

A sultry night on a Barbados sugar plantation and an incident ending in murder has repercussions for both the Strong family and the child conceived that night.
Following her mother’s death and a promise by one of the Strong brothers Blanche is taken to Bristol – she thinks to join the family but instead ends up as a scullery maid.
It’s here she meets the handsome sea Captain Tom Strong who was adopted by a member of the Strong family some years before.
Jealousies and rivalry threaten to tear the family apart especially when Blanche too is favoured by one of the brothers, a man keen to make amends for what happened in Barbados on a night when he was young.

The story begins in Portugal. Catherine is watching the rabalos the port wine lodges racing on the river when a shot rings out. Her mother is dead and it’s all the fault of her father for marrying another woman.
She’s shipped off up into the mountains to stay with a strange aunt who converses with wolves. On becoming an adult her father regards her as a pawn to be bargained as part of his business.
Unfortunately for him he has no inkling that there is as much of him in her as there is of her mother and she’s far more defiant than he’d anticipated.

When Naomi, a natural born dancer, confronts her father with regard to a terrible truth he married her off to the owner of a rubber plantation in Singapore. When what was thought an impenetrable fortress falls to Japanese invasion she finds herself in a camp for ‘Comfort Women’, entertainers to the Imperial Forces. It is here that she uses her skill as a dancer. She also makes valuable friends including a Japanese/American major. They find common ground in the fact that both are of mixed race and not quite accepted by either side of their families.

Shameful Secrets on Coronation Close is the second in the series. It was 1936 in the first book and a new King, Edward the Sixth was about to be crowned. In the second it’s 1937 and the flags are out for King George the Sixth and his Queen Elizabeth (who became the Queen Mother when their daughter Elizabeth came to the throne.)
The residents of Coronation Close are in the throes of arranging a street party, but not everything is as it seems. There is happiness on the surface but some in the street have secrets they would prefer to keep.
One of these is Thelma. She’s over the moon when her son comes home but the day is spoilt. Then there’s Harriet at number one and Thelma’s best friend Jenny is torn between two possible lovers.
Personal problems are pushed into the background. This is supposed to be a fun time and they will all do their best to make it so.

It’s a party at Moss End Guest House, but things do not go according to plan. The new owners are totally in capable of running the event. The guests run out of food and drink necessitating a trip to the local pub to bail them out. Honey is one of those unfortunate to land at the party with no alcohol, though not so unlucky as the new owners. Someone has shoved them out of a top floor window and there they are, legs in the air, head first into a couple of giant plant pots.

Welcome to Cobden Manor. A beautiful retreat in lush green grounds, with charming rooms, mouth-watering cuisine . . . and a dead body up the chimney. Thank goodness Honey is on the case!

It’s a crisp sunny day when Honey Driver and fiancé Steve decide to check out Cobden Manor in the hope of starting a new hotel there. The charming country house has fallen on hard times but Honey is confident she can transform its fortunes.

Their plans come crashing to a halt when Honey stumbles across the body of a famous ex-television presenter stuffed unceremoniously up the chimney of one of the outhouses.

Arabella Rolfe fell from grace when she ‘stole’ a married man, but Honey and Steve’s investigation reveals that the well-known diva’s life was even more colourful than anyone realized.

There’s no shortage of people who would want her dead.

But then another body is found, and then another . . .

Can Honey and Steve discover the truth before the body count rises?

In the elegant city of Bath the tills are ringing for Christmas and some wag is sticking red noses on the deer set in prominent places around the city. There’s a Dickensian quality to the misted alleys where people move like shadows whilst flexing their credit cards and cash. Honey has a lot of parties booked at the Green River Hotel. One of them is from a publishing house owned by a chap called Scrimshaw – who used to have a partner called Mallory. Shades of A Christmas Carol? Except murder happens. So the time of peace and goodwill doesn’t happen for Honey and her beau, Steve Doherty. There’s a murderer loose and might just be closer than she’d like.

It’s 1936. The old king has died. A new king takes the throne. Hunger marches are still happening. Like many people Jenny and her family are struggling. They live in a tenement in the centre of Bristol dating from the Middle Ages. Water is down flights of stairs from a pump in the backyard. Their rooms in the shared house are lit by gas. Is it too much to hope for better? Things begin to get better when Roy gets more work, but the world is on the brink of even greater upheaval. So too in Jenny’s life. Is it so wrong to yearn for a house with a garden – or indeed for a meaningful relationship? Things don’t change much – until they move to Coronation Close.

The Roman Baths in the city of Bath are reknowned the world over. The feel of the centuries hangs over you. Steam rises from its hot springs. It’s awesome, but even so you don’t expect murder. Honey deals with a cruel reviewer, a giant teddy bear and Superman – or someone who liked to think they were. Hilarious and, as always, slightly mad.